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Nature Is Strange Tho: Bats! #1

In my early doodler days, I was preoccupied with zoology. By "preoccupied," I mean "borderline possessed." Once a subject has my attention, no feather is left un-plucked. Wild Discovery was a favorite show. Any cartoon or book featuring animals as main characters was top priority. I collected weird animal facts the way other kids collected pogs and pokemon cards. I can think of at least two separate occasions in which my Zoobooks knowledge caused significant problems in my social life. Zoos, Aquariums, and Wild Animal Parks were far-preferred over roller coasters... still are, in fact.

As I adjust my illustration art for focus in children's-friendly publishing, a webcomic strip for kids devoted to all my favorite creepy critter facts is a fitting tribute to my childhood.

A warning for the squeamish: sometimes nature is gross and violent. Though presented with light-hearted humor, such themes may be reflected in this comic strip. Shrug. Nature is strange, tho.


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