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Izzy's ^Almost Epic Day Cover

Izzy's (ALMOST) Epic Day by Katie Otey

Meet Izzy McKeithen, an imaginative 11-year-old with a flair for the dramatic.

As the fourth of five kids in a chaotic household, eleven-year-old Izzy McKeithen is no stranger to drama and unexpected twists. But today, Izzy is expecting greatness!


He has a secret crush who’s ready to reveal themselves, an out of this world science experiment he can’t wait to show off, and a chorus solo that he’s sure will catapult him into instant fame. But hour by hour, Izzy’s day deteriorates from potential epic greatness to a certain epic failure.


Can Izzy come out on top?

Cover & Interior illustrations by SJ Winkler

Paperback Preorders Available Now

SISTER picture book front cover image

SISTER by Leia M. Johnson

Kirkus Star Reviewed Author Leia M. Johnson's picture book debut, SISTER,  is the story of a multi-racial family who wishes to adopt through foster care told from the point of the view of the family's young daughter. 

Illustrated by S. J. Winkler.

Hardcover, Paperback and Ebooks Available Now

Check out the Official Book Trailer!

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Children's Picture Book


written by Katie Otey, illustrated by SJ Winkler.

"After his parents' divorce, a young bi-racial child spends every other Christmas celebrating the differing traditions between the African-American and Colombian sides of his family."

Hardcover Editions Available Now!

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by John Bowen

When a sasquatch who craves the limelight, a ninja who wants to go wild, and a clown who's ignored by everyone join forces to chase their dreams, it's colossal, it's stupendous, it's the greatest failure of all time! This picture book is written by debut author John Bowen and illustrated by SJ Winkler

Cover Art Coming Soon!


    by P.G. RUTLEDGE

What happens when a young boy believes his triumphs and troubles are due to the fact that he is a GIANT???


 This picture book is written by debut author P. G. Rutledge and illustrated by SJ Winkler.

Cover Art Coming Soon!

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~ Nature is Strange Tho: Bats! Vol.1 by SJ Winkler
~ Pink Sphinx! Creative Storytelling Workbooks: Vol. 1 by SJ Winkler

~ Katie Can't Draw by Katie Otey

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