INFJ ~ Taurus ~ Year of the Ox 
Cryptids: Sasquatch ~ Mothman ~ Nessie
Gems: Emerald ~ Tiger's Eye ~ Opal ~ 
Potter House: Ravenclaw
Patronus: Hyena 
Heroes: The Batman ~ Samwise Gamgee  
Cartoons: Ren & Stimpy ~ Adventure Time 
Video Games:
     Zelda: Ocarina of Time
     Spyro the Dragon
     Donkey Kong Country 



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More About SJ Winkler

Samantha J. Winkler is a writer, illustrator, and mixed-media artist in love with nature, fantasy, and the unexplained.
She particularly enjoys the process of adding layers and depth to fictional worlds through world-building.

Finding creative solutions for content development and helping authors translate their work for multi-platforms like film and animation are her specialty.

She tailored her Bachelor Degrees in English Literature and Art Studio with an added Minor in Creative Writing to embrace her devotion to all aspects of publishing: exploring creative writing processes, editing, collaborative illustration and art direction, storyboarding, graphic & web design, book design, and book binding techniques.
       She joined the Southern Illinois chapter of the SCBWI in 2010, volunteering as a Network Representative from 2015-2017, and rejoining the SoCal SCBWI chapter in 2020. As of 2022, she is SoCal Region's Editor in Chief of the Newsletter and leads an Author Illustrator Critique group for region members.  

       When she isn't reading, writing, or illustrating, she is painting murals, studying film, or finding any excuse for a nice hike outdoors or a visit to a zoo. 

As an illustrator, SJ Winkler labels her style “The Unashamed Chameleon.” She prefers to apply different art techniques depending upon the needs of the story and age group. 

Her favorite subjects to illustrate for all ages are sci-fi/fantasy adventure, mystery, horror, and creative nonfiction. 

Typical Process:


Phase One of SJ Winkler’s process is to study the manuscript, research multiple facets of the topic, and sketch sketch sketch ideas.


Phase Two is to submit sketches and a process diary to the creative team and apply revisions after feedback and collaboration.


Phase Three is to provide finished art according to the required specs. Research & Collaboration are SJ Winkler’s favorite parts of this process, so far.