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DIY Adventures: Braided Mosaic Rugs

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Confession: Sometimes I make braided rugs out of my old clothes. I do this for Fun & Funk and because they're unique and machine wash/dryer friendly.

I've seen a lot of tutorials on Pinterest for braided rugs, but they invariably show the same simple circle pattern. I wondered what would happen if I used my braids to make a mosaic of shapes that create an image within my rug.

These rugs are a soothing wintertime puzzle activity for me.

In this article I include a walkthrough of my process and some tips that made this easier for me as a beginner.


1. First, I think about what subject I want to create for my rug. In this example, I decided to try a panda since it's one of my favorite animals and would match the colors within my master bedroom. I used Pinterest searches to make a little collage of panda designs for inspiration.

2. I put together a pile of old clothes that have the colors I want to use.

3. Then I cut them into approximately 1" wide strips and make braids.

4. Next, I make the various shapes I want and hand whip-stitch them together so that all the stitches are on the bottom. It's important to use upholstery strength thread for durability.

5. I call these rugs "Mosaic Braids" because I've found it easiest to create separate pieces of the image first before stitching them all together like a mosaic puzzle.

Using a hand whip-stitch allows you to attach the braids to each other without showing stitches on the topside of the rug.

My panda rug is very happy in my bedroom.

What kind of Mosaic Braided rugs would you make with your old clothes?

Some extra tips: When sewing your shapes together, keep them on a flat surface - like a table. This will help you match up your rug shapes easily and accurately.

Optional Tool: By attaching a hook to a small wooden stool, I can easily make long strong braids without straining my back. I picked a metal wall hook and a small decorative stool from a local craft store. (The cost was less than $10 with lucky sales timing.)

There are endless possibilities for creating unique durable rugs with this technique. Pets love them as well!

To see what others think about Braided Mosaic Rugs so far, check out this post on Facebook.


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